Civil Rights, Employment, and ADA Litigation

We handle all types of civil rights matters, including wrongful convictions, police misconduct, employment discrimination, prisoner abuse, and ADA cases.  We have experience going up against government opponents through all stages of litigation, from dispositive briefing to discovery and trial.  When it comes to protecting the rights of our clients, we aren’t afraid to fight powerful defendants and we will do whatever it takes to make them play fair and square.

Personal Injury

Having litigated personal injury cases on the “other side” in our former careers as defense lawyers, we are prepared to handle the most complex cases for our injured clients.  We understand that even when an obvious wrong has occurred, it takes careful fact gathering and thorough legal preparation to bring a successful claim against a powerful defendant.  We know how to bring these cases and we aren’t intimidated by sophisticated or wealthy adversaries.

Commercial Disputes

We come from a background of high-stakes commercial litigation.  Our clients have included chemical companies, medical device makers, 401(k) plan providers, and airlines, to name a few, and we have been involved in various matters, ranging from executive employment contracts to product liability to deceptive trade practice claims.

We understand how commercial disputes are litigated and we can bring that experience to bear for you.  We also advise clients on how to avoid problems in the first place, particularly through well-drafted employment contracts and other agreements.

Consumer Protection

All too often, regular people get taken advantage of by companies with more money, power, and influence.  There are laws out there to protect regular people from this kind of abuse -- and we know how to use them to fight for what is fair.


We have clerked for federal judges at both the district and appellate levels.  Corporate clients have entrusted us with writing important briefs at all stages of litigation, including motions to dismiss, discovery disputes, Daubert and class certification motions, summary judgment, and appeals.  We have also drafted successful cutting-edge briefs in civil rights matters, including complicated First Amendment issues and novel claims involving due process.    

We have seen what judges and their law clerks look for.  We also know that compelling legal writing takes thorough research and careful drafting, requiring time you may not have with a full caseload and a practice to manage.  Because we are a small firm, we can offer competitive rates in addition to high quality.  If you have important projects that you simply do not have the time for, contact us.  We can help.